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Bug sweeping – checking of things, objects

Sometimes gifts come with an unexpected surprise

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Items containing electronic components
100 $
Items without electronic components
50 $

The cost is recalculated at the official exchange rate of the NBU. All payments are effected exclusively in the national currency of Ukraine (hryvnia).


Up to half an hour

  1. Monitoring of ether;
  2. Spectral analysis of the received signals;
  3. Localization of sources of received signals;
  4. Scanning an object using an infrared camera;
  5. Visual inspection using a detector of hidden cameras;
  6. Visual inspection of the object using an endoscope;
  7. Scanning an object by the method of non-linear location.
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Bug sweeping in office - discount for checking a car
Bug sweeping in office and apartment (house) - discount for checking a car
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