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Detector of hidden cameras “OKA-GR012”

Search equipment

Autocollimation hidden camera detector “OKA-GR012” is designed for professional search and localization of hidden video cameras (camouflaged in various interior items), regardless of their state (on / off) and the type of information transmission (via cable or radio).
The detection of such video cameras is provided due to the effect of retroreflection or “back flare”, characterized in that the radiation reflected by the camera’s photomatrix propagates in a narrow solid angle and exactly in the direction of the probe emitter.

The use of an autocollimation optical scheme in the device provides the brightness of the beam reflected from the target by several orders of magnitude higher than the brightness of diffusely reflecting surfaces.
“OKA-GR012” operates in the optical range, while radio-electronic interference and electromagnetic shielding do not interfere with the detection of video cameras.

OKA-GR012 does not use laser illumination of targets, which guarantees safe operation.

Basically, the finder is designed to locate cameras in hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, offices, offices and other similar places.

OKA-GR012 works against all types of cameras:

  • video cameras;
  • Pinholes (spy cameras);
  • digital cameras;
  • cameras with automatic focus.

If a hidden camera can see you, OKA-GR012 can always see this camera.

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