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Do you have a permit for this type of activity?

The activity of bug sweeping in premises and vehicles is licensed in Ukraine. Our company received the necessary license in accordance with the Order of the Administration of the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine dated 27.07.2018 No. 452.

IAC company (ТОВ «ІАЦ «Життєвий Простір») at number 135 on the list of business entities that have the right to carry out activities to detect listening devices, hidden cameras and GPS trackers.

How can you guarantee the result of the inspection?

The level of qualifications of our technical specialists, as well as search equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, allows us to detect almost all types of installed tracking and information retrieval devices.

What types of devices do you detect?

The specialists of our company check the premises and cars for all types of listening devices (GSM, radio, wired, voice recorders), hidden cameras and GPS trackers.

Do you install wiretapping or hidden video cameras?

No, we don`t. The installation of such devices is illegal for private companies. Listening devices can only be installed by authorized state bodies.

How can a Client prepare his premises for the inspection?

If you decide to check your office, apartment or house for listening devices and hidden cameras, before the arrival of specialists, it is important to turn off all radio-emitting devices (Wi-Fi router, 3G, 4G modems, printers with Wi-Fi, laptops, computers, mobile phones) if possible.

Is it obligatory to come to your office to check the car?

Yes, it is.

Does the cost of checking a car differ by its size and class?

The cost of inspection for sedan, crossover, minibus stays the same.

Do I need to make an appointment in advance for a car inspection?

Due to the fact that our specialists carry out many types of work outside the office, we strongly recommend that you give advance notice of your arrival in order to identify GPS trackers, hidden microphones and video cameras in the car.

Do you provide services outside Kyiv?

Our company provides services for the detection of listening devices, hidden video cameras and GPS trackers throughout Ukraine.

What is the price for an inspection in another city?

Our pricing policy is the same throughout Ukraine in accordance with the price list posted on this website. Transportation costs are taken into account separately at the rate of 10 UAH for one km of the way.

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