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Hidden camera detector WEGA-i

Search equipment

The WEGA-i hidden camera detector detects the presence of optical devices regardless of their operating state. If we consider the search from the point of view of physical processes, then the detection of hidden video cameras is based on the back reflection of directed radiation by the optical system of the lens of CCTV cameras. The WEGA-i hidden camera detector allows you to detect all types of video cameras, including “pin hole”.

This unique device was created by security professionals to quickly and reliably detect hidden video cameras. Optical sensing, which is the basis of the device’s operation, allows detecting micro-lenses of hidden video cameras by optical signs, regardless of their operating state and the video signal transmission channel.

The search and detection of micro-lenses of hidden video cameras is carried out through a visual analysis of the surfaces of the room, all elements of furniture and interior through the eyepiece of the device.

Detection is based on the property of back reflection of directional radiation by the optical system lens – CCD matrix of a hidden video camera. Filtration of monochrome radiation reflected by the micro-video camera allows you to separate natural reflections from other light sources.

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