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FLIR E6 thermal imager

Search equipment

The FLIR E6 thermal imager is one of the many devices that our specialists use when conducting search activities to detect wiretapping and hidden video cameras. The device allows you to obtain an accurate and detailed heat map of any surface. Each pixel in the resulting image contains temperature data. The microbolometer-based infrared sensor has a sensitivity to detect temperature differences between adjacent pixels as low as 0.06 ° C. The FLIR E6 thermal imager is equipped with a focusless lens, making it a simple one-button operation to operate. The MSX function provides maximum detail in the resulting images.

The new FLIR E6 thermal imager with multispectral imaging – MSX. The E6 camera measures temperatures up to +250 ° C. The resolution of the infrared images of the thermal imager is 160 x 120 pixels. MSX resolution 320 x 240 pixels.

FLIR Ex Series cameras are fast thermal imaging cameras that will take you to a new thermal imaging dimension. The FLIR E6 thermal imager is an affordable replacement for a pyrometer, as it creates infrared images with information about the temperature of each pixel. Saving combined MSX images in IR and visual format greatly enhances the usability of FLIR Ex-Series cameras.

Features of the FLIR E6 thermal imager

Ease of use

The camera is very easy to use and is intended for those who have little or no experience with this type of equipment. It is intuitive and comes complete with the necessary documentation.

Full automation

The camera instantly generates a JPEG infrared image containing the required temperature information.

Focusless lens

With a focusless lens, the FLIR Ex-Series is just one press of a button.

Compact and lightweight

The FLIR Ex-Series camera weighs just 575g and can be carried on a belt.

Video camera

The lightweight camera ensures efficiency and ease of inspection and diagnostics.

Greater measurement accuracy

The camera allows you to measure temperatures up to +250 ° C

Measuring functions

Light meter

Multispectral Imaging (MSX®)

The innovative MSX® function delivers the most detailed images.

Saving multispectral images

Saves composite image including MSX®, IR, picture-in-picture and visual.

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