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Search device ST 031M “PIRANIA”

Search equipment

ST 031M “PIRANHA” is an updated version of the popular ST 031 model and is a multifunctional search device designed to detect transmission channels of various eavesdropping devices.

In its class of devices “PIRANHA” is the leader in terms of the price / opportunity ratio.

It is used for detecting listening devices by specialists of the company “Life Space”, together with other devices and search complexes.

Distinctive features: ST 031M detects transmission channels:radio microphones, radio stethoscopes and telephone repeaters, including pulse ones and with complex modulation types devices transmitting information over power and low-current wire lines in the supersonic frequency range microphones transmitting information via active and dedicated low-current lines in the speech frequency range transmitters transmitting information in the infrared, ultrasonic and ultraviolet ranges. In addition, with the help of ST 031M, it is possible to identify and qualitatively evaluate the acoustic and vibration channels of information leakage of natural origin.

Functionally “Piranha” consists of three detection channels, each of which is designed to search for signals in a certain frequency range. A set of antennas, sensors and adapters allows you to adapt the device to search for various eavesdropping devices and channels of natural information leakage.Information about received signals and operating modes is displayed on a color graphic display.The device is controlled using a convenient 12-button keyboard.The ST031M interface is simple and intuitive. During its development, many years of experience in operating previous models of the device were taken into account.

The ST031M allows you to examine received signals in spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope modes.The device provides an identification mode for standard digital data transmission channels (GSM, DECT, BLUETOOTH, WIFI, etc.).“Piranha” has the ability to dock with a PC, which significantly expands the capabilities of the device for visualization and archiving of information.

ST031M allows you to solve the following search tasks:Detection of the fact of operation and determination of the location of radio-emitting technical means that create potentially dangerous, from the point of view of information leakage, radiation. These funds, first of all, include: radio microphones; telephone radio repeaters; radio stethoscopes; hidden video cameras with a radio channel; technical means of spatial high-frequency irradiation; radio beacons of systems for tracking the movement of objects; unauthorized radio stations, cellular and cordless phones. radio modems and digital wireless access systems. Identification of digital protocols used in detected radio signals. The ability to differentiate base station signals from digital mobile devices. Detection of the fact of operation and determination of the location of STSNPI transmitting information in the infrared range. Such means, first of all, include embedded devices for receiving acoustic information from premises with its subsequent transmission via infrared. Detection of the fact of operation and determination of the location of STSNPI, using wire lines for various purposes for receiving and transmitting information, as well as technical means of information processing that create interference of informative signals to wire lines.

Such means can be: devices that use 220V AC power lines to transmit the intercepted information and are capable of operating at frequencies up to 30 MHz; technical means of linear high-frequency imposing, operating at frequencies above 150 kHz; devices that use subscriber telephone lines, lines of fire and security alarm systems with a carrier frequency of more than 20 kHz to transmit intercepted information; PC and other technical means of production, reproduction and transmission of information. Detection and qualitative assessment of informative electromagnetic fields generated by office equipment and communication means, search for hidden electrical wiring potentially suitable for use as part of the STSNPI.

Identification and qualitative assessment of vibration and acoustic channels of information leakage, as well as control of the effectiveness of systems for vibroacoustic protection of premises.

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