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What does the wiretap look like? Hidden microphones.


Industrial designs of hidden listening devices.

listening devices 1

In this article, we introduce the reader to individual samples of systems for hidden recording and transmission of audio information. Most of the samples are prohibited for sale in our country, but this is not an obstacle to the distribution of semi-legal online stores. As a result, our market is flooded with similar devices. The knowledge of appearance and the basic characteristics, probably, will be useful for you in various situations.

As well as in the previous article devoted to the systems of the hidden video surveillance, we will tell about the industrial samples of wiretapping, available in free sale in many countries of the world. Such samples are often found by specialists of our company when the provision of professional inspection services for the premises.Systems of outdoor remote listening, as well as professional devices that are made exclusively for special services, are not considered in this material.

Home appliances with built-in audition

Network filter


What could be more common in the household than the ordinary power extension cord? But the use of such a model is fraught with unpleasant consequences. A microphone with a GSM module is built into the extender. Remote control using a smartphone, voice activation, the inability to disassemble using a conventional screwdriver, full functionality.


listening devices 3

The listening system is hidden in a power outlet. The transmitting module operates at a radio frequency of 350 to 450 MHz. Designed to work in places where the use of GSM-devices is difficult. Transmission distance up to 700 meters in open space and up to 300 meters in an ordinary house with brick walls.

Fire detector

listening devices 4

The microphone is built into the fire detector. In various versions can also be placed hidden video cameras. GSM module, voice activation, call activation, 2 5400 mAh batteries.

Till 180 days in a waiting mode during the work from the rechargeable battery. When connecting an external power source (to the alarm system), the operating time is not limited.

Electric outlet

listening devices 5

A microphone with a transmitting device is built into an electrical outlet. Built-in GSM module, noise detection, built-in backup power allows you to work even during a power outage.

Computer mouse

listening devices 6

A microphone with a transmitting device is built into a computer mouse.
The sensitivity of the microphone is up to 5 m.
Built-in GSM-module. Power supply – USB port (from computer).

Air freshener

listening devices 7

Hidden listening device disguised in an air freshener.
Large microphone range: 10-12 m
The battery life from the battery – up to 5 days.
Sound transmission distance – up to 500 m.

The samples presented are only a small part of the industrial camouflage options for listening devices. In addition to ready-made solutions, manufacturers offer various kits for individual installation. Miniature microphones with transmitting devices can be built into a wide variety of interior and household items. The average sizes of such sets do not exceed the size of half a matchbox, which gives a wide field for creativity.

Individual installation kits

listening devices 8 listening devices 9

Portable Voice Recorders

A separate group consists of portable recording devices (voice recorders) camouflaged for various subjects. A variety of items of camouflage is huge, but the most common are those that are familiar in our environment: pens, flash drives, lighters and other similar items.
Average characteristics:
One-click recording, voice activation, high quality recording quality, MP3 file format, hidden mode (no display), from 100 to 200 hours of continuous recording, up to 30 days in standby mode.
Full functionality of the item in which the recording device is embedded.

Car key

listening devices 10


listening devices 11


listening devices 12

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