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What do hidden cameras look like? Description and photos.


The most popular devices for covert surveillance.

In this article, we introduce the reader to industrial designs of CCTV systems, which in many countries of the world can be bought without restrictions. Despite the existing prohibitions, various channels similar devices leak into the domestic market. Finding a similar object in his office or apartment – check its contents.

The industry of “spyware” is quite diverse. A separate industry can be distinguished devices for covert surveillance. Professional (exclusive) models that are made for special services you can hardly find anywhere else in the free market. But even what is available to the average consumer, allows us to reflect on the ingenuity of modern engineers.We will give just some examples of hidden video surveillance devices that each of you may encounter in everyday life and which have been localized more than once during the provision of professional inspection services for the premises.

Stationary CCTV devices

Infrared security alarm sensor

Infrared security alarm sensor with built-in video camera. Powered by an external power source and has a built-in battery. Considering that the device in which the video camera is built in is an element of the alarm system, it is problematic to determine its dual (“hidden”) assignment without opening it, or scanning it with a special device.

Fire alarm sensor

Fire alarm sensor with built-in video camera. Powered by an external power source and has a built-in battery.
HD recording,
50 hours of continuous recording
3 recording modes: PIR motion detection / motion detection / manual recording.
Remote control.


1080p HD video resolution (clear enough to capture faces and details throughout the room).
Ultra-wide viewing angle of 90 °, 15 ° tilt, ideal for rooms of any size
Allows you to watch and / or record live from your phone (anywhere in the world).
6 hours battery life or AC

Electronic alarm clock

Ultra wide angle of view – 120 °
1080p HD video resolution. Allows you to watch or record live from your phone (anywhere in the world)
Record 50 minutes to 1 GB
MicroSD card slot up to 128 GB (stores 108HR at 128 GB)

Other examples of industrial implementation of stationary items with hidden video cameras are similar in characteristics:

Photo Frame


Night light

Wi-Fi speaker

Water bottle

Air freshener

Wearable CCTV devices

Wrist Watch

Record video and audio information. Allows you to conduct video shooting in an unlit room. 1080p video resolution provides clear video and clear images of faces and details.
Durable shockproof housing. MicroSD card slot up to 32 GB (up to 5.2 hours of 32 GB video and audio)
Battery life up to 2 hours

Ball pen

Full-color HD video with 720p resolution and audio recording. One button operation (one button for loading and recording automatically). 3 modes (video and audio, audio and photo). MicroSD up to 32 GB. Saves up to 1.3 emergency situations on 8 GB, 2.6 H on 16 GB and 5.2 H on 32 GB
Hidden mode – there is no blinking LED. 90 – 120 minutes of battery life

Other examples of industrial implementation of wearable items with built-in video cameras are similar in characteristics:


Key ring


But we should not assume that the options for placing hidden cameras are exhausted. Individual installation kits, which are offered by various manufacturers, allow you to place the camera in any suitable object or location.

Individual installation kits

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According to Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine “… the collection, storage, use and dissemination of confidential information about a person without his consent is not allowed, except in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights.”