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Wiretap detection in car


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It is quite problematic to detect eavesdropping on our own, since most bugs often have compact dimensions, mimic the interior of a car, and are installed outside visual detection zones.
If the listening device is located in numerous cavities of the vehicle, checking the car for bugs without special equipment will not produce any results. It costs about 20 thousand dollars and more and for its use it is required to have the appropriate knowledge obtained in special courses. Therefore, the best option, how to check the car for wiretapping, will be an invitation to specialists who have modern equipment for finding bugs, the necessary qualifications, and rich experience in this field. This service can be ordered not only by representatives of business structures, since ordinary people also become victims of wiretapping. A jealous second half or a leader who wants to check the loyalty of a subordinate can put a bug. If there is the slightest suspicion of listening to a vehicle, a person should immediately call a specialist. They know how to find an eavesdropper in a car, saving the customer’s time, without scaring off an attacker, and keeping the verification secret. It will take 1-4 hours to search for wiretapping in the car, depending on the model of the car of its dimensions and the purpose of the event. Moreover, the detection of wiretapping in the car will be organized at a convenient time for the client with a full guarantee of achieving the desired result. At present, almost everyone can freely purchase a listening device for placement in a car, having paid 150-400 dollars for it. USA. But the same cheap equipment, with which you can check the car for bugs, can not be purchased. This makes it rather difficult to independently search for wiretaps and turns the involvement of appropriate specialists into the only right solution if you need to deal with listening equipment in a car. In order to have an idea how to check a car for bugs, a person should understand the main types of listening devices used, their functionality and advantages.
Specialists distinguish the following types of devices that provide audio-video control and obtaining relevant information:
Radio transmitting devices. The specified equipment transfers the received information online. Different models differ in size, transmitted frequency and power source. The main advantage of radio transmitting devices is considered to be the ability to instantly receive the listening information by an interested person. Their disadvantage is the limited signal transmission radius of 100-500 meters.
GSM listening devices. Detecting bugs in this type of car can be difficult because they use not only autonomous power, but also connect to the vehicle’s electrical circuit. The listening distance depends on the degree of coverage by the GSM operator of the area in which the machine with the device is located. Modern models of such bugs often work on a human voice. The advantages of this type of listening device include: instant recording, long range, excellent audibility, ease of installation.
Voice recorders. In modern voice recorders, small sizes and a huge memory are simultaneously combined, which allows you to record information for a month and a longer period. At the same time, almost all models have a response function for a human voice, which allows a fairly capacious battery to ensure the operation of the device for a long time. The presence of the majority of voice recorders the ability to connect a remote microphone allows you to covertly install it almost anywhere in the car interior. The main disadvantage of voice recorders is the need to remove recorded information from it. If prompt response to the incoming information is required, then the use of this equipment becomes unacceptable. Also, frequent entry into the car dealership may lead to the disclosure of the person who installed the recorder.
Miniature Camcorders.These devices allow you to record sound with a color picture in high quality. The rechargeable batteries used enable the camcorder to operate for 2–3 weeks, since it turns on when there is a visual or visual impact on a special sensor and does not work idle when there is no person inside the machine. If you connect the camcorder to the car’s electrical network, it can work almost endlessly. Information is recorded on the memory card. However, it can also be transmitted online. The video is read from the media through the use of a wireless channel (3G / 4G, Wi-Fi) by a special command. The range of the device is quite large, so it allows you to solve any problems.
Special high-tech bugs. In fact, these devices are a combined design of a radio transmission device and a voice recorder. Finding a wiretap in a car equipped with these devices is exclusively for specialists. The hidden bug is programmed, providing recording in various operating modes. There are several ways to record recorded information: Through the Internet, where information is automatically reset after a specified time period; Upon receipt of a special signal, reset the collected information to the selected drive; Continuously communicate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the receiver.
GPS Tracker – gps bug for tracking a car. Together with a listening device, a vehicle tracking device based on GPS or GLONASS systems, as well as their combined version, can be put in a car. In this case, it will not be sufficient to check the machine for wiretapping, since the tracking devices cannot be calculated using the usual methods. Often, such devices have autonomous power, although it is more efficient to connect them to the on-board network of the machine. For a specified time, the devices record the movement of the car, transmitting the collected information to the Internet.Periodic inspection of the machine for bugs will prevent leakage of business confidential information or personal information that could lead to significant negative consequences.
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