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Search for bugs. Why do we guarantee 100% wiretap detection?


The advertisements of our company, in which we guarantee the detection of any type of embedded devices, are sometimes doubted by a number of readers.

“If you listen to the President and the Prime Minister, who are served by the best experts, how can you protect ordinary townsfolk?”, “How can you guarantee 100% detection?”, “It is impossible to detect“ sleeping bugs ”if they are not active at the time of verification” , “How do you find a wiretap in a car if it is crammed with electronics, among which you can hide anything?”, ….
We decided to make a selection of the most frequently asked questions by skeptics by answering them. Partially, we will reveal the information available among specialists on some methods of searching for embedded devices. But it should be noted that non-public information about the individual inspection methodology and the list of search tools that our company uses are not subject to publication.
So, “how?”, “Why?”, “If?”. We answer the basic questions.

“If you listen to the President and the Prime Minister, who are served by the best experts, how can you protect ordinary townsfolk?”

The sensational scandals with listening to the first persons of the country revealed 2 main things:
• “Best specialists”, who should ensure the protection of information by the nature of the service, may be the “weak link”.
• Technical means of detecting and suppressing embedded devices are useless if they are not used for their intended purpose, and officials ignore the established rules for preparing and conducting confidential negotiations.
In other words, negligence, frivolity and irresponsibility are the probable reasons for what happened.
The technical equipment and professional training of our specialists is hardly inferior to the level of the State Security Service, which “takes care” of the first persons. Moreover, not bound by bureaucratic rules, we are certainly ahead of them in terms of expanding tactical methods for solving search problems.

“What types of embedded devices can you identify and which ones cannot?”

We are guaranteed to determine the presence of embedded devices of all types known today if they are located on the object being checked:
– radio microphones, incl. with autonomous power supply, powered by a telephone line, 220V network, remote control, auto start, or with the accumulation of information.
– devices for interception of telephone conversations with connection to a telephone line, or with direct placement in a telephone set.
– video systems of various types for hidden installation (both with a video translation module and with recording to a standalone carrier).
Remote listening devices (for example, laser microphones, or specialized complexes for monitoring mobile cellular communications) cannot physically be detected due to their absence at the facility. In this case, we offer the customer a set of protective organizational and technical measures for counteraction.

“How can you guarantee 100% detection?”

We really guarantee detection of embedded devices of all types known today. Why? We do not use household search devices in our work, which can be purchased in the online store. Search using similar technology is inefficient and is possible only in a narrow segment.
Guaranteed to detect embedded devices in stationary objects, or in transport, allows a professional multi-functional search complex used in our company, as well as a number of high-level auxiliary systems. An important role here is played by individual techniques within the framework of the search methodology, the disclosure of which, for obvious reasons, we cannot afford.

“It is impossible to detect” sleeping bugs “if they are not active at the time of verification”

The misconception that “sleeping bugs” cannot be identified is actively supported in various media networks. Moreover – this error is deliberately untwisted. In fact, that active, that “sleeping” bug is an electronic device. Any electronic device can be identified and localized using search engines! For example, a modern non-linear locator, included in the set of professional search equipment, with the proper qualifications of the operator, allows you to identify any electronic device, including one that is in a passive or condition. And although experts still cannot reach agreement on the effectiveness of using non-linear locators, our opinion is as follows: a high-quality locator and advanced search methods will effectively identify “sleeping” bugs, filtering out false signals.

Some examples of the simplest methods for finding “sleeping” bugs.

• Search for GPS beacons that are installed in cars (activation by remote request).
The beacon is initially in receive mode. Information is transmitted when it is activated (a request via a mobile cellular network). Upon request, the beacon transmits its coordinates to the owner, after which it switches back to reception mode. Manufacturers of these devices are trying to inspire everyone with the idea that the beacon cannot be found, since it is not in transmission mode. But this is not so. To force the beacon into the radiation mode, it is enough to briefly turn on the cellular communication suppression system, after which the beacon switches to the network search mode and connect to it. It is at this moment that it is determined by search engines.

• Search for a mortgage device that does not have a transceiver module while working autonomously. Recording is activated when there is sound in the room, information is written to the built-in medium.
It is believed that this type of device cannot be determined, since they do not broadcast information at all. But the problem is solved with the help of a nonlinear locator. A non-linear locator antenna irradiates an object to detect the presence of electronic components. When a radiated signal encounters semiconductor elements (diodes, transistors, etc.) in its path, it returns at even harmonic frequency levels due to the nonlinear I – V characteristic of the semiconductor. However, false indications are a frequent problem, since the junctions or contacts of two different metals, oxidation (the so-called MOM elements) also cause harmonic responses of the probe signal due to their non-linear characteristics. Another task is to cut off the harmless electronic objects that are on the object (electronic clocks, phones, etc.). Not all models of non-linear locators allow this to be done, and therefore some experts believe that using a non-linear locator is not effective. This is not true. In a modern nonlinear locator, not only the analysis of reflected radiation with a comparison of the second and third harmonics is used, but also the methods of audio analysis of semiconductor compounds, such as the “damping effect”, are used. All this, together with individual approaches to the search technique, allows to eliminate false signals as much as possible and determine the presence of the desired bookmark.

“How do you find a wiretap in a car if it is crammed with electronics, among which you can hide anything?”

Of course, a car is one of the complex objects for conducting search operations. The presence of numerous and diverse components of electronic systems in modern cars can really greatly complicate the search. Nevertheless, the specialists of our company, based on knowledge of the tactics of using means of removing information in cars, introduce some solutions to minimize the likelihood of an erroneous assessment. It is understood that we reserve the right not to publish the details of such decisions.


We tried to answer the most frequent and acute questions asked by site visitors. If there are unanswered questions, please call, we are open for communication.

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