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How to protect yourself from wiretapping? Recommendations.


According to Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine “… the collection, storage, use and dissemination of confidential information about a person without his consent is not allowed, except in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights.”

Also, we are guaranteed the secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, telegraph and other correspondence. Exceptions can only be established by the court in cases provided for by law in order to prevent a crime or to establish the truth in a criminal case investigation if it is impossible to obtain information by other means.

Who has the right to wiretap?

By a court decision, the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Security Agency of Ukraine (NABU) have the right to establish secret means of information retrieval in the framework of operational search activities and criminal proceedings.

At the same time, in real life, apart from abusing such a right by state bodies, we repeatedly encounter a huge number of cases of use of wiretapping by representatives of detective agencies, private security services, the criminal world who spat on the legality of their actions.

Where are the bugs installed?

There are two main options for the use of embedded devices (microphones and camcorders hidden installation), in everyday life called “bugs.”

The first is targeted when information about a particular person is collected. In this case, wiretapping and hidden video cameras are installed in the places that the object most often visits: an apartment, a study, a car, a country house. In addition, bugs can be installed in the personal belongings of this person (mobile phone, briefcase, garments). It should also be remembered that telephone lines (both fixed and mobile) can be heard without bugs: at the level of the server equipment of the telecommunications operator, or with the help of special complexes.

The second option is to install embedded devices in public places in order to obtain and further use any information that may represent different interests for different groups. For example, hidden microphones and video cameras can be installed in hotels, restaurants, saunas, underground casinos and brothels, smoking rooms for state institutions, and other places. Any information left by visitors can be used depending on what it is: adultery, business plans, insider information. Everything can be used if professionals do it.

How is a hidden interception?

The easiest way to install a wiretap in public places. Any visitor, without arousing suspicion of the administration, has access to tables, wall niches, large interior items, the design of which easily accommodates a miniature microphone or video camera. And if personnel is involved in this process, then the installation process does not cause any difficulties at all. There is an opportunity to install long-term devices without rushing to connect them to a source of stationary power supply. Any place from which the widest view is opened is selected, or the highest-quality reception of an acoustic signal is ensured. Owners of saunas, various semi-legal entertainment facilities can often sin with such things.

If it is necessary to obtain information about a specific person, the installation process of bugs is a little complicated by the need to penetrate an apartment, a study, or a car. But this problem is all the same solved individually in each case. This can be fixed by planned wizard bypass, repair work, cleaning. To get into your apartment when there is no one there is also not a problem and no locks help. It is possible to install embedded devices in the car when it is located at a car wash, a service station, or simply parked in the yard. Opening the car alarm code is also a matter of a few seconds.

How to protect against wiretapping?


Determining what is being listened to at the moment, or hidden video filming being conducted is quite difficult. Properly installed mortgage devices are almost invisible.
If you decide to protect your home, car, office, check your phone – the best way is to contact specialists who have the appropriate equipment and experience. But you yourself can significantly limit the options for actions of intruders if you observe the following rules:Do not make important conversations, do not voice confidential information in public places.Refrain from transmitting sensitive information using the telephone.Set the alarm in the apartment, country house, office.Additionally install DVRs. If you suspect that you have visited uninvited guests, check the information of the DVRs.For confidential conversations, use the special meeting room. Equip it with an alarm system and video surveillance.Install in the meeting room active means of blocking transmitting devices and noise generators.Conduct a periodic check for installation of embedded devices, involving specialized companies.
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How to find a bug in the car?

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