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How to find a bug in the car?


Why install wiretap in the car?

The car is the second most important place for a person, after an apartment or house. It is in the car can be stored various storage media, duplicate keys and documents. Even behind the wheel of a business person continues to work, without interrupting telephone conversations and important correspondence. Therefore, to monitor the safety of the machine is also necessary, as well as its serviceability.

The wiretap in the car is installed in order to obtain a variety of information:

Business information. Telephone calls and conversations with passengers are one of the most effective channels for obtaining information. It is rather difficult to imagine any person whose work ends at exactly 18:00. No, as a rule, people continue to work, even while in motion. That is why many attackers make bookmarks with listening devices right inside the car. In this way, competitors can learn about new projects or innovative developments.

Information leakage can negatively affect a business person, and sometimes lead to a complete collapse. In addition to competitors, there is a fairly wide range of people who may also be interested in information about you, your loved ones and relatives, work, plans, and many other things that we often trust in our phone or live communication while sitting in a car that we unconsciously perceive. as a protected zone of your personal comfort.

Location of valuables, papers, removable media with information. During the trip, a lot of various issues related to the location of documents, finance, securities, jewelry can be discussed. It makes no sense to describe the situation, as this data can be used.

Information about the movement of a person, his plans for the near future. A common reason for installing a bug in a car is to get information about its location and planning the day. In the simplest case, this task can be accomplished with the help of a “beacon” installed outside the car. If intruders are interested in more complete information, radio microphones and hidden cameras can be installed inside the cabin. Such information is usually collected when planning attempts, thefts of personal property, and is also often used by detective agencies in the course of working out various assignments.

How to find bugs in the car?

Search for bugs in the car by improvised means

The only way to detect the bugs yourself without using specialized equipment is to identify an alien object, which should not be in the car. Theoretically, this is possible if you are thoroughly guided in the configuration of your car.

The second condition is that the bugs were installed superficially (without embedding any part into the hull, or in other hidden ways). But the chances of such luck are minimal. It is unlikely that you will be able to determine the “superfluous” among the hundreds of blocks of electronic car equipment. And, as a rule, embedded devices are placed carefully.

Search for wiretaps using specialized portable devices

Cheap wiretapping products purchased “from under the floor” on the radio market, or in another way can be detected with the help of inexpensive portable detectors. The device picks up the signals and noises that the bugs transmitting module emits and definitely confirms its presence. But what to do if professional listening systems are installed? They can be in “silent” mode, accumulate information, transmit it in a compressed packet at a certain time, or upon request from the outside. Such instruments cannot be identified with portable detectors.

Search for wiretapping with the help of professional complexes

The only way to guaranteed to detect a bug in a car is to use multifunctional search engines. The complex allows you to search in all frequency bands, identify devices that are in the “silent” mode, much more. An important element is also a certain search algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to identify extraneous bookmarks and filter them against the background of the vehicle’s many electronic units. At the same time, only specialized companies can afford the use of professional complexes, due to the exorbitant cost of equipment.
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According to Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine “… the collection, storage, use and dissemination of confidential information about a person without his consent is not allowed, except in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights.”