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Checking for wiretapping. A service that is gaining popularity.

Information is expensive these days. Impressive amounts are paid for certain information, and titles and posts are assigned. Foes and competitors, distrustful relatives, sharks, feathers and operational services are far from a complete list of those who may be interested in your personal life, business, and everything related to it.

To achieve the goal, any methods of obtaining information are possible, the most common of which are installation of wiretapping in rooms, vehicles, as well as control of your telephone conversations.

Installing wiretapping indoors is one of the most affordable options for obtaining confidential information.

Modern spy devices in certain circles are available and in demand. Nowadays, a bug for listening can be bought on the radio market or on the Internet. Cost – from 200 US dollars. Install and use this “toy” is not difficult. Hidden microphones and video cameras built into various gadgets and home decoration become a reliable source of information leakage.

Installation of wiretaps in the office.

Places of constant crowding: smoking room, dining room, toilet – are available for any ill-wisher. Even a stranger can put a bug there. But in such places rarely talk about secret affairs. Where will the listening device be most useful? Great place – bookkeeping. Through it passes all the information about finances and securities. It has a lot of business conversations and meetings. Bookkeeping is a tasty place for lovers of other people’s secrets. A lot of information can be found out during a production meeting, planning meeting. A great place is the conference room. After all, there are presentations, talk about new products and strategies in business. The damage in business from the leakage of such information is greater than the fines from tax or theft of wealth from stock.But the holiest place is the office of the general manager, the boss of the company. And this is in the hands of spies, if the head of the company does not pay attention to this issue. The enemy will never personally make an appointment and will not glue a bug with chewing gum under the table. He will act through an intermediary – he will recruit your employee or introduce his person under the guise of a cleaning lady or a courier.
So, the list of the main rooms at risk of installing wiretaps is formed: the manager’s office, deputy rooms, reception rooms, meeting rooms, bookkeeping, economist’s office, human resources department.

Installation of wiretapping in an apartment and a house.

Of course, to get all the information about you, listening devices can be installed in your personal home and car.
The installation of bugs in the home is simplified by the availability of attendants. Personal driver, maid, gardener, massage therapist – all of them can be tools in the hands of attackers. Checking the house and apartment for wiretapping is recommended after buying new furniture, repair, apartment theft, a plumber’s visit.

The most likely places to install wiretaps:

• furniture
• ceiling and walls,
• souvenirs,
• interior elements,
• lighting devices,
• ventilation,
• electrical devices.

How to check the room for wiretapping?

How to find the wiretap in the office, if the listening devices are miniature in size, the factory version reliably disguises them as harmless objects, and the bugs installed during the repair work are generally difficult to find on your own without destroying the entire room to the ground? Professional wiretapping detection requires the use of specialized systems, the price of the simplest of which starts at $ 15,000. Available for sale portable devices for detecting bugs – nothing more than a means for complacency. With such devices you can find only the simplest radio bookmarks with the level of “consumer goods” and that is not a fact. Guaranteed detection is possible only by professional equipment. Checking the premises for the presence of listening devices is a function of the enterprise security service. But not all of them know how to check the premises for bugs, and also do not have special search equipment. Therefore, the best option is to attract specialized companies to check for wiretapping of the premises , who provide these services professionally.

What does checking the room for wiretapping include?

A comprehensive special audit of the premises and information protection measures, as a rule, includes:

• Collection and analysis of facts about possible channels of information leakage.
• Blocking of revealed channels of information leakage.
• Search for unauthorized embedded devices using special equipment, including:
• Check rooms for hidden cameras.
• Check and control of radio.
• Search for non-linear signals.
• Thorough visual inspection.
• Survey of power lines and communication lines.
• Checking electrical equipment for wiretaps.
• Compilation of those. room passports for the purpose of regular surveys of the facility. The passport records all electrical appliances and outgoing radiation (radiation frequency).
• Preparation of technical specifications for ensuring the safety of the premises.
• Selection and installation of special equipment to block the paths of possible information leakage from the facility through technical channels.
• Drawing up a plan of work for the special repair of the premises, in order to protect information.



The main indicator of the success of this event is the observance of complete secrecy. Indeed, in the absence of absolute confidentiality, you run the risk of being again deceived by scammers who will not miss the opportunity to seize the opportunity and deactivate all listening devices, and after conducting search work, they will return the “bugs” to their place.

Mandatory guidelines:

• Turning to specialists, in no case should you make calls from the premises or the car that you are going to check;
• Limit as many people as possible about your plan. The ideal option is only your knowledge of the upcoming audit;
• draw up a diagram of the premises located on the floor, having previously blocked access to all checked and adjacent offices;
• if possible, restrict access to the server room, wiring closets and switchboards;
• for office premises, it is most effective to schedule a check for a day off or non-working hours;
• the date of the event should be kept secret;
• if it is not possible to hide the check from your company’s personnel, it’s best to present it as any kind of repair work: laying the cable, checking the alarm or fire safety, and so on;
• It is recommended to simulate an important business meeting in order to provoke attackers to action.

In order to effectively protect confidential information, audition of premises should be conducted regularly with a recommended interval of 1 month.

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According to Article 32 of the Constitution of Ukraine “… the collection, storage, use and dissemination of confidential information about a person without his consent is not allowed, except in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic welfare and human rights.”