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Currently, the media pays a lot of attention to the topic of wiretapping. There are many reasons for the appearance of various publications on this issue, and we will not disclose them in this article. Let’s try, without going into technical and organizational details, to highlight the main thing and in fact.

Eavesdropping on telephone conversations is part of the complex of covert investigative actions (NSRD). The right to conduct them, in accordance with the law, has the police, SBU, NABU, GBR and other government agencies that conduct operational and investigative activities. Every mobile operator has listening systems on each PBX. Their installation is obligatory and is regulated by Art. 39 of the Law “On Telecommunications”. Illegal wiretapping can be carried out by private detective agencies and security services in business structures. The Internet market offers entire complexes that allow you to listen to subscribers within a radius of one kilometer. However, this pleasure is not cheap – the cost of equipment is from several tens of thousands of dollars to several hundred thousand.


Legends and reality.

  • Special services listen to the whole broadcast. Falsehood. It would be too expensive. Only specific phones are listened to.
  • Hardware works on keywords. Truth. Such a program exists – not all negotiations are recorded, but only excerpts from conversations where there are the words you are looking for. But again, this is not about the whole broadcast, but only about specific phones.
  • Smartphones can spy on their owners. Truth. And not only smartphones, but also the latest models of expensive phones. They may have an attachment that automatically listens to conversations. In rare cases, such a program can work even in an inactivated phone.
  • The simpler the phone, the easier it is to listen. Falsehood. Cheap phone models simply do not have the ability to implement spyware attachments.
  • A stationary device is easier to listen to than a mobile one. Falsehood. The mobile complex is not suitable for listening to a landline phone. You can listen to your mobile with a radio intercept.
  • Eavesdropping can be identified by interference. Falsehood. It is almost impossible to know that your phone is being listened to. No one else’s ear interferes. On the contrary, you can hear the other person very clearly.


Now, based on what has been said, let’s draw some simple conclusions together.

  1. Yes. Technically, telephone conversations can be monitored almost always.
  2. Not all private entities can afford to purchase expensive interception equipment. We will add here the illegality of wiretapping by such structures.
  3. Trying to establish eavesdropping on your own is a virtually useless activity.
  4. To counter those who illegally use interception systems, it makes sense to install on your phone specially designed software applications that to some extent provide protection against eavesdropping (for example, give the owner information about the configuration of the current session settings, identify false base stations, etc. .p.)