Spectrum Analyzer OSCOR Green

Анализатор спектра OSCOR-1

Each company strives for self-improvement and development. And we are no exception.

You often ask us a question about the guarantee of the verification result. One of its key components is a set of equipment, which together allows you to determine the presence of embedded devices in a room or vehicle.

We value the trust of our customers very much, therefore we do not stand still and strive to replenish our arsenal of equipment with new products.
So, get acquainted – OSCOR GREEN!

OSCOR GREEN spectrum analyzer specifications

Expanded scanning range / increasing the speed of work. The OSCOR scans the 24 GHz band in 1 second in 12.2 kHz steps. High scanning speed, built-in antennas, software, quick preparation for work, can significantly save time during prospecting.

Automatic switch for multi-antenna system. Using the built-in automatic switch of the antenna system allows you to obtain a real-time image of the range from 100 kHz to 24 GHz without “joints” and “dead zones”

Built-in 10 dB preamplifier that increases the receiver sensitivity.

Compactness. Light weight (4.4 kg), small dimensions, allow you to use OSCOR Green mobile, for data collection and signal analysis on the ground. Built-in antennas and software make it easy to deploy the instrument to capture and compare a spectrum of signals at different locations.

Patented trace analysis for fast signal detection. REI’s Trace Analysis feature adds full spectrum and signal analysis to the instrument screen without the need for an additional computer.

Do not forget that information security is one of the main components of the security of your personal and business space. Entrust it to professionals!

Анализатор спектра OSCOR-2
Анализатор спектра OSCOR-3

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