Search equipment

Reviews of equipment that is used to search for embedded devices. The most popular bug detection devices. Opportunities and limitations.

Video endoscope AUTEL MAXIVIDEO MV400

The AUTEL MAXIVIDEO MV400 video endoscope is used by the specialists of the “Living Space” company together with other systems and complexes to detect wiretapping and “bugs”. It is not difficult for a digital video endoscope to penetrate into structural elements, for example, a car, by determining the presence of foreign objects there, which cannot …

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Search device ST 031M “PIRANIA”

ST 031M “PIRANHA” is an updated version of the popular ST 031 model and is a multifunctional search device designed to detect transmission channels of various eavesdropping devices.In its class of devices “PIRANHA” is the leader in terms of the price / opportunity ratio. It is used for detecting listening devices by specialists of the …

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Hidden camera detector WEGA-i

The WEGA-i hidden camera detector detects the presence of optical devices regardless of their operating state. If we consider the search from the point of view of physical processes, then the detection of hidden video cameras is based on the back reflection of directed radiation by the optical system of the lens of CCTV cameras. …

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FLIR E6 thermal imager

The FLIR E6 thermal imager is one of the many devices that our specialists use when conducting search activities to detect wiretapping and hidden video cameras. The device allows you to obtain an accurate and detailed heat map of any surface. Each pixel in the resulting image contains temperature data. The microbolometer-based infrared sensor has …

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Search engine Delta X 100/12

Search complex Delta X 100/12 – one of the options for professional equipment, which is used by our specialists to detect wiretapping and “bugs” Distinctive features of the search engine Delta X 100/12 Quickly and reliably detects all types of radio frequency covert information retrieval devices, including analog, digital, operating continuously and intermittently, transmitting audio …

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Spectrum Analyzer OSCOR Green

Each company strives for self-improvement and development. And we are no exception. You often ask us a question about the guarantee of the verification result. One of its key components is a set of equipment, which together allows you to determine the presence of embedded devices in a room or vehicle. We value the trust …

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