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Checking for wiretapping. A service that is gaining popularity.

Information is expensive these days. Impressive amounts are paid for certain information, and titles and posts are assigned. Foes and competitors, distrustful relatives, sharks, feathers and operational services are far from a complete list of those who may be interested in your personal life, business, and everything related to it. To achieve the goal, any …

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Wiretap detection in car

Discover wiretap yourself, or still contact the experts? It is quite problematic to detect eavesdropping on our own, since most bugs often have compact dimensions, mimic the interior of a car, and are installed outside visual detection zones. If the listening device is located in numerous cavities of the vehicle, checking the car for bugs …

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How to find a bug in the car?

Why install wiretap in the car? The car is the second most important place for a person, after an apartment or house. It is in the car can be stored various storage media, duplicate keys and documents. Even behind the wheel of a business person continues to work, without interrupting telephone conversations and important correspondence. …

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